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Provincial Government of Bulacan Department Head Contact Info.
Office of the Governor (GO) Gov. Wilhelmino M. Sy-Alvarado +63(44) 791-8148/8149/8150
Office of the Governor - Personal Staff Jim C. Valerio cesarvillanueva@bulacan.gov.ph
+63(44) 791-8149/8148
Office of the Vice Governor (VGO) Vice-Gov. Daniel R. Fernando vgo@bulacan.gov.ph
+63(44) 791-8171/8172
Office of the Vice Governor - Personal Staff Atty. Percyveranda A. Dela Cruz atty.percy.delacruz@bulacan.gov.ph
+63(44) 791-8173
Office of BM Michael C. Fermin BM Michael C. Fermin bm_fermin@bulacan.gov.ph
+63(44) 791-8192/8123
Office of BM Felix V. Ople BM Felix V. Ople bm_fvople@bulacan.gov.ph
+63(44) 791-8191
Office of BM Therese Cheryll B. Ople BM Therese Cheryll B. Ople bm_tcople@bulacan.gov.ph
+63(44) 791-8180
Office of BM Atty. Ramon R. Posadas BM Atty. Ramon R. Posadas bm_posadas@bulacan.gov.ph
+63(44) 791-8185
Office of BM Enrique V. Dela Cruz, Jr. BM Enrique V. Dela Cruz, Jr. bm_enrique@bulacan.gov.ph
+63(44) 791-8183
Office of BM Rino V. Castro BM Rino V. Castro bm_castro@bulacan.gov.ph
+63(44) 791-8188
Office of BM Ernesto S. Sulit BM Ernesto S. Sulit bm_sulit@bulacan.gov.ph
+63(44) 791-8179
Office of BM Eulogio C. Sarmiento III BM Eulogio C. Sarmiento III bm_sarmiento@bulacan.gov.ph
+63(44) 791-8190
Office of BM Enrique A. Delos Santos, Jr. BM Enrique A. Delos Santos, Jr. bm_delossantos@bulacan.gov.ph
+63(44) 791-8189
Office of BM Allan Ray A. Baluyut BM Allan Ray A. Baluyut +63(44) 791-8184
Office of BM Josef Andrew T. Mendoza BM Josef Andrew T. Mendoza pcl_bulacan@bulacan.gov.ph
+63(44) 791-8187
Office of BM Mark Cholo I. Violago BM Mark Cholo I. Violago abc@bulacan.gov.ph
+63(44) 791-8186
Office of the Secretary to the Sangguniang Panlalawigan(OSSP) Ma. Perpetua R. Santos ossp@bulacan.gov.ph
+63(44) 791-8167/8168
Bulacan Environment and Natural Resources Office (BENRO) Elizabeth M. Apresto (OIC) benro@bulacan.gov.ph
+63(44) 791-8163/8164
Bulacan Medical Center (BMC) Dr. Protacio T. Bajao (OIC) pho@bulacan.gov.ph
+63(44) 791-0630
Provincial Accounting Office Marites C. Friginal p_acctg@bulacan.gov.ph
+63(44) 791-8120/8121
Provincial Administrator's Office (PA's Office) Eugenio C. Payongayong pa@bulacan.gov.ph
+63(44) 791-8140/8141/8142
Provincial Agriculture Office (PAO) Ma. Gloria SF. Carrillo pao@bulacan.gov.ph
+63(44) 791-0018
Provincial Treasury Office (PTO) Belinda B. Bartolome pato@bulacan.gov.ph
+63(44) 791-8112/8113/81134/8115
Provincial Assessor's Office (PAssO) Arch. Rodelio C. Robles +63(44) 791-8116/8117
Provincial Budget Office (PBO) Marina SR. Flores pbo@bulacan.gov.ph
+63(44) 791-8124/8125
Provincial Civil Security and Jail Management Office (PCSJMO) PSInsp. Dan C. Orendain (Ret.) (CSU)
Lt. Col. Pepito B. Plamenco (Ret.) (Jail Warden)
+63(44) 796-3590
+63(44) 662-7083
Provincial Cooperative and Economic Development Office (PCEDO) Cynthia P. Abiol pcedo@bulacan.gov.ph
+63(44) 791-7335
Provincial Engineer's Office (PEO) Engr. Glenn D. Reyes peo@bulacan.gov.ph
+63(44) 794-0056
Provincial General Services Office (PGSO) Atty. Kenneth Z. Ocampo (OIC) pgso@bulacan.gov.ph
+63(44) 791-8128/8129
Provincial Human Resource and Management Office (PHRMO) Jovito C. Saguinsin phrmo@bulacan.gov.ph
+63(44) 791-8144/8145
Provincial Information Technology Office (PITO) Rhea Liza L. Ramos-Valerio pito@bulacan.gov.ph
+63(44) 791-8136/8137/8138
Provincial Legal Office (PLO) Atty. Jeffrey C. Cruz plo@bulacan.gov.ph
+63(44) 791-8155/8156
Provincial Planning and Development Office (PPDO) Arlene G. Pascual ppdo@bulacan.gov.ph
+63(44) 791-8175/8176/8177
Provincial Public Affairs Office (PPAO) Maricel S. Cruz ppao@bulacan.gov.ph
+63(44) 791-8159/8160
Provincial Public Health Office (PPHO) Dra. Jocelyn E. Gomez joy.gomez@bulacan.gov.ph
+63(44) 791-2790
Provincial Social Welfare and Development Office (PSWDO) Rowena J. Tiongson pswdo@bulacan.gov.ph
+63(44) 791-8132/8133/8134
Provincial Youth, Sports, Employment, Arts, Culture and Tourism Office (PYSEACTO) Elizabeth L. Alonzo psyeaco@bulacan.gov.ph
+63(44) 791-6604
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