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Office of the Governor - Personal Staff


To deliver high standard staff and security support to the Governor and high standard frontline services to the Bulakenos by highly motivated and competent government employees.


A province that is progressive, peaceful and self-reliant where its people are living models of its historical heritage and cultural excellence with strong middle class as the core of the citizenry with equal access to opportunities and services.


  • Ensures special support services to the Governor
  • Provides rapid responses to the Governor's personal, technical and/or program needs
  • Links with the PA's Office vis-à-vis Governor's technical/program needs


  • Granting of Aid to Groups and Individuals

As Local Chief Executive, the Governor extends assistance to groups and individuals in the province in the area of community and sports development. Financial and material assistance is granted to projects and undertakings that promote the interest of a larger fellowship.

  • Facilitating the Provision of Social Services

In partnership with the Provincial Social Welfare and Development Office (PSWDO), the GO-PS is tasked to facilitate social services delivery through the following functions:

  1. Provision of medicine aid, wheelchair, eyeglasses and other medical equipment (nebulizer, crutches, etc.) to poor but deserving Bulakenos.
  2. Provision of laboratory work ups such as CT Scan, endoscopy, ultrasound, 2DEcho, etc.
  3. Provision of referrals to hospitals and social services institution.
  4. Approval of requests for financial assistance on matters such as hospitalization, burial, medication requiring protocol treatment, transportation assistance, drug rehabilitation, etc.
  • Facilitating Scheduling of Appointment, Preparation for Meetings and Events, and Preparation for Travels of the Governor

The office is in charge of facilitating the scheduling of appointments of groups and individuals who wish to talk to the Governor. This includes, as well, the necessary preparation in the conduct of the day to day schedule of the Governor such as food and venue requirements, staff support, speech materials, powerpoint presentation, gifts, coordination with involved parties, etc.

Travels of the governor in and out of the country are also arranged by this office. This includes flight and accommodation arrangements, coordination with parties to be visited, securing travel authority, passport and visas, presentation materials, tokens and arrangement for the whole delegation in case the trip is headed by the Governor.

  • Facilitating the Visit if Lakbay-Aral Groups and Other Foreign and Local Visitors of the Province

The Province of Bulacan is often visited by visitors from all over the country and abroad to witness the various successful programs on cooperative development, information technology, youth and cultural programs, reforms in government and the tourist attractions in the province. This office, through our Protocol Officer, serves as the coordinating agency for these visits.

  • Making of Correspondence and Messages

This Office is in charge of doing the official correspondence and messages of the Governor. These include letters of recommendation, referral, endorsements, acknowledgment as well as messages for events and souvenir programs. Oath of office and official certificates of recognition are also done in this office.

  • Ensuring the Security of the Governor

With the Security Division composed of two shifting security teams, this office is also mandated to ensure the security of the Governor at all times. These two teams are composed of highly trained security personnel.

  • Special Projects

This office is also involved from time to time, in special projects of the Provincial Government particularly unprogrammed activities and events such as medical/surgical missions and projects organized by NGO partners. The support extended is mostly coordinative.


Department Head
Mr. Jim C. Valerio

Mailing Address:
Office of the Governor
2nd Floor, Provincial Capitol Building
Malolos City, Bulacan, Philippines 3000
Tel: +63(44) 791-8149 / 8148
Email: gops@bulacan.gov.ph
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