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Provincial Agriculture Office


We are committed to pursue the provision of sustainable and effective programs for farmer's and fisherfolk's productivity and porfitability.


A God-centered, community friendly and responsive organization where its people are working as a team in the spirit of commitment and innovation for agricultural development.

Mandates and Functions

  1. Develops comprehensive provincial agriculture and fisherries plans, strategies including programs and projects and those that pertain to veterinary-related programs and projects;
  2. Implements and causes the implementation of approved provincial agriculture and fisheries including veterinary programs and projects in coordination and/or collaboration with municipal agencies, non-government agencies and organizations and clientele group;
  3. Develops and implements an effective and efficient system of providing clientele assistance and access (including operating procedures, standards, and meausres) to resources in production, processing and marketing of agriculture, aquaculture, marine and animal products.

Programs and Projects

      1. Hybrid Rice Commercialization Program

  • Hybrid See Subsidy
  • Technical Assistance on production
  • Establishment of Techno-Demo Farms

      2. INBRED Rice Program

  • Certified Seed Subsidy
  • Fertilizer Subsidy
  • Location Specific Intervention
  • Technical Assistance on production

      3. High Value Commercial Crops (HVCC) - Vegetable

  • Technical training/seminars
  • Input Assistance (seeds/seedlings, plastic mulch, nylon nets, fertilizers)
  • Technical assistance in production
  • Grafting Center Operation

      4. HVCC - Other Crops
         * Yellow Corn Production

  • Technology trainings/seminars
  • Input Assistance
  • Technical Assistance

        * Rootcrops Production

  • Technology trainings/seminars
  • Input Assistance
  • Technical Assistance

      5. HVCC - Fruits & Plantation Crops

  • Technical trainings/seminars
  • Input Assistance (seedlings, fertilizers, etc.)

      6. Support Services

  • Soils Laboratory
  • Crop Protection
  • Small Scale Irrigation Projects (Shallow Tube Well/Open Surface Pump/Small Farm Reservoir)
  • Seed Production
  • Secretariat/Coordinator to : PAFC, FHRM - RIC, 4H Club


      1. Aquaculture

  • Technical training/seminars
  • Input assistance (fingerlings)
  • Establishment of demo- farms

      2. Coastal Resource Management

  • Livelihood Support (gillnets, bancas, etc.)
  • Strengthening training for Bantay Dagat and FARMCs
  • Red Tide Monitoring

      3. Post-Harvest

  • Training/seminars on Fish Processing
  • Distribution of Pos-Harvest Equipment
  • Technical Assistance in the Establishment of Hito Processing Plant
  • Technical Assistance in the Operations of Oyster & Fish Processing Plant


      1. Bird Flu Preparedness - Information and education campaign
      2. FMD Control and Eradication

  • Slaughterhouse monitoring and disinfection
  • Vaccination

      3. Rabies Control and Eradication

  • Information and education campaign
  • Vaccination
  • Advocacy for rabies ordinance

      4. Genetic Improvement - Artificial Insemination for large animals
      5. Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory
      6. Issuance of Shipping Permits and Animal Health Certificate
      7. Prevention and Control of Other Diseases

Department Head
Ms. Ma. Gloria SF. Carrillo

Contact Information
Mailing Address:
Provincial Capitol Compound
Malolos City, Bulacan 3000 Philippines
Tel: +63(44) 791-0018
Fax: +63(44) 791-0018
Email: pao@bulacan.gov.ph
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