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No.Date PublishedDate ClosedTitle/DescriptionDeclaration
of Winner
218/26/20119/7/2011Various infrastructure projects
Reference No.: 20110826-1
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228/1/20118/21/2011Various goods - uniforms of utility workers (rank & file)
Reference No.: 20110801-1
233/17/20113/29/2011Various goods subject for bidding.
Reference No.: 20110317-1
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243/4/20113/25/2011Various infrastructure projects.
Reference No.: 20110304-1
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258/13/20108/20/2010Various infrastructure projects
Reference No.: 20100816-2
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268/13/20108/20/2010Various goods for the use of BMC, district hospitals and offices.
Reference No.: 20100816-1
272/25/20103/11/2010Various goods and infrastructure projects subject for bidding.
Reference No.: 20100310-1
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289/10/20099/18/2009Various construction projects for the Province of Bulacan
Reference No.: 20090910-1
297/10/20097/23/2009Various drugs and medicines
Reference No.: 20090914-1
305/22/20096/10/2009Consulting services for the proposed master plan for the Provincial Government of Bulacan satellite Capital/Government Center
Reference No.: 20090601-4
315/22/20096/10/2009Various office equipment - priority development project/program for the Lone District of San Jose Del Monte City, Bulacan
Reference No.: 20090601-3
325/22/20096/10/200910 units multi-purpose vehicle: Multi-carry 1 single cab with jeepney body - Priority development program and project for the Lone District of San Jose Del Monte City, Bulacan
Reference No.: 20090601-2
335/22/20096/10/2009Various drugs and medicines - Program for indigents
Reference No.: 20090601-1
345/28/20095/29/2009Various construction equipment for the use of PEO.
Reference No.: 20090528-1
354/29/20095/4/2009Bidding for the various construction equipments were cancelled.
Reference No.: 20090429-1
364/16/20094/29/2009Various construction equipments consisting of Motor grader, 6-wheeler Dump Truck, 6-wheeler Cargo Truck, Asphalt Finisher, Road Roller-Combination, 6-wheeler self loading truck, Anti-Electric Man lift Truck for the use of PEO.
Reference No.: 20090416-1
373/5/20093/20/2009Various infrastructure projects and construction supplies for the use of PEO.
Reference No.: 20090305-1
383/17/20093/19/2009ADDENDUM: Various Infrastructure Projects and Supplies for the use of PEO. Item 60-63 - Additional Infra. Projs. for Bidding Item 1 - Under Goods was Item 60 in last posting
Reference No.: 20090317-1
391/9/20091/19/2009Various Medical Supplies-Regular Items for the use of BMC and district hospitals.
Reference No.: 20090217-9
401/9/20091/19/2009Various drugs and meds. - Antibiotics for the use of BMC and district hospitals
Reference No.: 20090217-1

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