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of Winner
411/9/20091/19/2009Privatization of Janitorial Services (75 Utility Workers) from March-December 2009
Reference No.: 20090217-10
421/9/20091/19/2009Various Drugs and Medicines-Hormones/Contraceptive Agents/Genito-Urinary System/Eye/Ear/Mouth/Chemoterapeutics/Allergy and Immune System/Dermatologicals
Reference No.: 20090217-11
431/9/20091/19/2009Various drugs and meds. - vitamins and minerals, etc. for the use of BMC and district hospitals
Reference No.: 20090217-2
441/9/20091/19/2009Privatization of security services ( 74 security guards)
Reference No.: 20090217-3
451/9/20091/19/2009Various Drugs and Medicines -Cardiovascular and Hematopoietic System/Anaesthetics for the use of BMC and district hospitals
Reference No.: 20090217-4
461/9/20091/19/2009Subsistence of 2,400 inmates (prisoners) at the Provincial Jail from March-December 2009
Reference No.: 20090217-5
471/9/20091/19/2009Various Fluids-Intravenous and Sterile Solution for the use of BMC and district hospitals.
Reference No.: 20090217-6
481/9/20091/19/2009Various Medical Supplies for the use of BMC and Various District Hospitals
Reference No.: 20090217-7
491/9/20091/19/2009Various Drugs and Medicines -Neuro-Muscular System for the use of BMC and various district hospitals
Reference No.: 20090217-8
5011/24/200812/3/2008Various infrastructure projects and procurement of goods.
Reference No.: 20081124-1
5110/27/200811/4/2008Various infrastructure projects.
Reference No.: 20081027-1
5210/27/200811/4/2008Purchase of one 6-wheeler and one 10-wheeler dump truck.
Reference No.: 20081027-2
5310/7/200810/22/2008Various fluids for the use of Bulacan Medical Center.
Reference No.: 20081007-1
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5410/8/200810/16/2008Furnishing labor and materials for the proposed waster proofing works at Tanglaw Pag-Asa Building
Reference No.: 20081015-2
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5510/8/200810/16/2008Various laboratory, medical and x-ray supplies.
Reference No.: 20081015-1
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5610/7/200810/9/2008Addendum: Blood bags for the use of PHO-BLBC.
Reference No.: 20081007-2
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5710/7/200810/9/2008Addendum: Armchairs for distribution to various public schools from District I & III.
Reference No.: 20081007-3
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5810/7/200810/9/2008Addendum: Various fluids for the use of Emilio G. Perez Memorial Hospital.
Reference No.: 20081007-4
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5910/7/200810/9/2008Addendum: Armchairs for distribution to various public school from District II & IV.
Reference No.: 20081007-5
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609/25/200810/6/2008Construction of 1-Storey 2-classroom school bldg. at Tungkong-Mangga E/S, CSJDM, Completion of 1-Storey, 3-classroom school bldg. & school canteen at San Pascual E/S, etc.
Reference No.: 20080925-6
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