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Bulacan, Philippines

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BPC implements SHS work immersion

December 4, 2017

To help the students to enhance their skills and knowledge, Bulacan Polytechnic College (BPC) implemented the actual work immersion to the senior high school (SHS) students last November 2017.

This implementation is in compliance with the Department of Education (DepEd) order 30, series of 2017 which headed by the Vice President for Academic Affairs and Senior High School Principal Mrs. Victoria M. Sison, MaEd.

"There were series of orientations conducted among students and their parents to ensure that everybody knows everything about the importance of work immersion and how it will be done successfully with the help of our partner companies. We required them to have a memorandum of agreement (MOA) with BPC before students deployed for immersion", Mrs. Sison said.

The VP said that the work immersion will help the students to be familiar with their work place and to know how it feels to work in a company/industry because they have to undergo work immersion.

SHS students are deployed with the tie-up companies of our institution. In the deployment, they have ensured that the students are assigned in a company accessible to them. However, those who were deployed in companies situated not within the vicinity of BPC, they ensured that the parents have given their consent/permission to their children.

"BPC ensures that its students are ready for immersion by ensuring that they have the acquired skills and knowledge needed in the immersion. BPC also assures that students are oriented and their attitude are honed in being responsible, trustworthy and diligent in their work during immersion", the principal added.

To guarantee that the students will be well-guided during their work immersion, some instructors were assigned for each strand: Mrs. Gregoria M. Santos, MaEd for Accountancy, Business and Management; Mr. Paulo A. Victoria, MIT for General Academic Strand; Mr. Nicole Dhenniel Del Rosario for Industrial Arts; and, Mr. Mel Oliver C. Balagtas for Home Economics strand students.