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About the Province of Bulacan
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Land Area
Banking and Finance
Power and Water Supply
Demography and Economy
Socio-Economic Activities


The glory of Philippine history bespeaks of the glory that was Bulacan.

Home to the birth of three Republics, the Kakarong Republic (1896), the Biak-na-bato Republic (1897) and the Malolos Republic (1898), Bulacan is also the birthplace of some of the greatest heroes of the Philippine Revolution against Spain. The great Propagandist Marcelo H. Del Pilar, General Gregorio Del Pilar, Anacleto Enriquez, Isidro Torres, Maestro Eusebio Roque, Trinidad Tecson, Mariano Ponce, Maximo Ponce, Maximo Viola and others hail from Bulacan.

Today, Bulacan is noted as the land of noble heroes, progressive cooperatives and small and medium scale enterprises. It is also known for excellent craftsmanship as in its jewelry, garments and furniture making. As it is today a leading choice for foreign and local investments, the province continues to play a significant role in the country's march to progress.

Land Area

Bulacan has a total land area of 277,485 hectares which is 15% of the total land area of Central Luzon and 0.92% that of the country. It is composed of 21 municipalities, 3 component cities and 569 barangays.


The climate of the province is generally warm. The Sierra Madre Range shields the western portion from the northeast monsoons and trade winds. The eastern portion is characterized by an even distribution of rainfall throughout the year.


Based on the results of the 2007 National Statistics Office's census, Bulacan has a total population of 2,826,926.

Banking and Finance

There are 241 banks doing business in the province. The cooperatives, harnessed to accelerate the countryside development, now total to 1,660 with a total asset of Php 5.35 billion.

Power and Water Supply

The Manila Electric Company serves the whole province. Around 97.7% of households receive power supply, a vital factor for industries. Out of the 21 municipalities and 3 components cities, 19 are served by vicinity water districts, rural waterworks and sanitation associations.


Bulacan is home for more than 126 resorts, hotels and recreational establishments, including golf courses and driving range. Most have varying lodging facilities ranging from nipa huts, cottages to air conditioned rooms, as well as dining and conventions amenities. There are also more than 40 restaurants and food centers which serve local and international dishes.

Demography & Economy

Region Central Luzon
Capital Malolos City
Number of Municipalities 21
Number of Components Cities 3
Number of Barangays 569
Classification 1st CLASS PROVINCE
Income(2006) Php 1,717,602,768.36
Land Area 277,485 Has.
Population (2007 Census) 2,234,088
Population Density 10.99 per hectare
Number of Households (2000) 463,886
Poverty Incidence Among Families (2003) 8.5%
Average Annual Family Income (2000 FIES) Php 179,572
Labor Force (as of 2003) 1,413,000
Labor Force Participation Rate 66%
Employment Rate 89.7%
Literacy Rate 95.87
Crime Rate (Per 100,000 population) 3.01

Socio-Economic Activities

Trade and Industry
Investment Generation Php 13.11 Billion
Employment Generation 50,265
Value of Exports $ 85.47 Million
    Principal Export Garments/Textiles, GTH, Foods and Processed Foods, Other Resource-Based Products, Fashion Accessories/Leather Goods, Electronics, Marine and Aquaculture
Principal Markets United States, Japan, European and other Asian Countries
Number of Banks (2005) 241
Number of Registered Cooperatives 1,660
Total Assets Php5.35 Billion
Number of Industrial Estates 16


Provincial Roads(kilometers) 2006
    Concrete 277.238
    Asphalt 41.52
    Gravel 23.41

Telephone/ Telegraph/ Telex
    No. of Mun./ City with telephone system 23
    No. of working telephone lines 368,000
    No. of Mun./ City with Telegraph Stations 22
Express Mail Carriers 3
Periodicals 6
Radio Transmitter Stations 4
Postal Offices 25

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