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Aquaculture, Food and Food Processing
The aquaculture resources of Bulacan, aside from its fishponds, rivers and tributaries, include Bustos-Angat Dam and water logged areas. It has a total of almost 888 hectares of freshwater fishponds and 15,059 hectares of brackish water fishponds. Major species cultured include bangus, tilapia, prawn, and catfish. Of the total aquaculture production which is 32,561 MT in 2000, bangus contributed 28,110 MT (86.3%) followed by tilapia at 4,071 MT. (12.5%). This made Bulacan a leading province in Bangus production based on reports of the Bureau of Agricultural Statistics (BAS). Bulacan has consistently been a major producer of meat products specifically pork and chicken. It has the biggest hog population in the country and supplies 60% of the pork requirement of Metro Manila. Statistics indicate that Bulacan's pork production is more than sufficient for local consumption that it can afford to move the product outside of the province to other markets. Broiler production is a major economic activity in the province.
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