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City/Municipalities Providing Investment Incentives:

Municipality of Bulacan, Bulacan
City of Malolos, Bulacan
Municipality of Marilao, Bulacan
Municipality of Pulilan, Bulacan
Municipality of San Ildefonso, Bulacan
Municipality of Santa Maria, Bulacan

Municipality of Bulacan, Bulacan

The Municipal Government of Bulakan envisions a socio-economic development through the promotion of investment. It has formulated systems and processes to attract investors to invest for achieving better progress of the Municipality and the Sangguniang Bayan of Bulakan enacted the Municipal Investment Ordinance of 1999, declaring thereby the policy of the Municipal Government of Bulakan to promote, strengthen and encourage the growth and development of its economic activities particularly in areas identified as investment priority and in support of the provincial development plan. To this end, the municipal government endeavors to spur the development by providing tax exemption, privileges and incentives as well as efficient and effective assistance to investors. It also ensures the establishment of adequate support facilities and services and assure investors of peaceful environment for business

Kinds of Investors Needed

Business enterprises having the following type of nature of business shall be given priority under the Investment Ordinance of 1999:
1)   Labor generating enterprises;
2)   Manufacturing enterprises using indigenous materials;
3)   Electronic enterprises;
4)   Tourism oriented enterprises;
5)   Pioneering enterprises;
6)   Service oriented enterprises; or
7)   Agri-business enterprises.

City of Malolos, Bulacan

Malolos offers not only her productive and fertile land, pleasant climate, skilled and hard-working people but also the Investment Incentive Code of Malolos to assure the local and foreign investors of a peaceful and conducive environment for business.

Investors can decide on a wide range business opportunities:
1)   Labor generating enterprises;
2)   Manufacturing enterprises using raw materials;
3)   Electronic industries;
4)   Tourism oriented enterprises;
5)   Service oriented enterprises;
6)   Pioneering enterprises;
7)   Water & power resources development enterprises; or
8)   Agri-business and aquatic-business enterprises.

Municipality of Marilao, Bulacan

Marilao is very lucrative for prospective investors due to its strategic location which is accessible to all needs, sizeable numbers of workers or manpower hardworking people who have for generation participate in a network of trading throughout Central Luzon, financial resources capable and sustainable development of highly urbanized. At the present Marilao has become the prime trading and economic growth area for Bulacan.

Section 16. Incentives.
1)   from the start of business operation, a registered business/enterprise under this code (1991) shall be exempted from payment of the business sales taxes with respect to the Municipal Revenue Code as follows:

Capital Investment Schedule of Exemption
P5M - 25M 1st year - 80%
2nd year - 60%
3rd year - 40%
4th year - 20%
5th year - 0%
P26M-100M 1st year - 100%
2nd year - 75%
3rd year - 50%
4th year - 25%
5th year - 0%
P101M and above 1st year - 100%
2nd year - 100%
3rd year - 100%
4th year - 75%
5th year - 50%


exemption from payments of basic Real property tax for a period of four (4) years from the date, the business starts its operations.

Municipality of Pulilan, Bulacan

Pulilan has a long list of investment incentives that can be best enjoyed when doing business in Pulilan, as embodied and prescribed in the following:
1)   Omnibus Investment Code of 1987 (EO 226) as amended;
2)   Bulacan Provincial Investment Code;
3)   Municipal Investment Code;
4)   Comprehensive Development and Land Use Plan of Pulilan; and
5)   Zoning Ordinance.

Priority Investment Areas
1)   Export-oriented industries
2)   Support services/IT
3)   Activities contributory to local development such as production of goods and commodities using local raw materials

Municipality of San Ildefonso, Bulacan

Local Investment Incentives is provided to encourage private sector participation in the identified priority areas and promote economic activities in the areas that are identified in the Comprehensive Land Use Plan of the municipality.

Municipality of Santa Maria, Bulacan

Santa Maria offers the following reasons which make it an ideal destination for business and investments:
  • Strategic location being near Metro Manila and the fine ports of Subic and Clark
  • Availability of highly skilled, competent pool of manpower resources with English proficiency
  • Availability of infrastracture utilities and facilities
  • Presence of an Eco-Zone with more or less, 100 hectares of land available to locators
  • With Municipal Investment and Incentive Code
Investment Priority Areas
  1. Agri-business Sector such as, but not limited to:
    1. Ricemills
    2. Rice/corn production
    3. Organic fertilizer
  2. Food Products:
    1. Meat, vegetables and fruit processing
    2. Processor of fresh pig skin for pork scratching (chicharon)
    3. Importer or supplier of pig skin for pork scratching (chicharon) manufacturing
  3. Pyrotechnic related products:
    1. Any pyrotecnic materials and supplies
  4. Warehouse facilities such as, but not limited to:
    1. Common Bonded Warehouse
    2. Other types of Waterhouse
  5. Miscellaneous manufacturing activities such as, but not limited to:
    1. garments
    2. handicrafts
    3. other consumer manufacture
  6. Resorts and Commercial Centers
Incentives Granted to Registered Enterprises
A)   Fiscal Incentives
Capitalization New Enterprise Year Existing Enterprise Year
Small-scale ent. 1st year - 30%
2nd year - 25%
3rd year - 20%
1st year - 5%
2nd year - 2%
3rd year - 0%
Medium-scale ent. 1st year - 25%
2nd year - 20%
3rd year - 15%
1st year - 10%
2nd year - 8%
3rd year - 6%
Large-scale ent. 1st year - 20%
2nd year - 15%
3rd year - 10%
1st year - 5%
2nd year - 4%
3rd year - 3%
B)   Non-Fiscal Incentives
All registered and qualified enterprises can avail of the Santa Maria Investment Promotion Center's assistance like the following:
1)   Assistance in hiring local skills qualified for business enterprises needs.
2)   Assistance in sourcing available local materials needed by the business enterprise.
3)   Availment of the Center's facilitation for their business permits, locational clearance, building permits and othe local licenses/permits

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