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A delicacy of San Miguel; mini-logs of sweet and succulent candies made from 100% pure carabao's milk; with luscious, creamy taste, wonderful grit and texture of sugar crystals that melts in the mouth.
Lorries Sweets
Address: Bagong Barrio, San Ildefonso, Bulacan
Contact: Mrs. Loreto de Belen
Tel. No.: +63(917) 664-7190
Tita’s Pastillas
Address: Pala-pala, San Ildefonso, Bulacan
Contact: Ms. Teresita Quizon
Tel. No.: +63(44) 677-0133
Alice Pastillas
Address: 259 Buliran, San Miguel, Bulacan
Contact: Mr. Jay Quilitorio
Tel. No.: +63(44) 678-1802
RIC-MAR Sweets
Address: Buliran, San Miguel, Bulacan
Contact: Mr. Ernesto DC. Vidal
Tel. No.: +63(44) 678-0940; 678-7455
Jane Sweets
Address: 1155 Kaylawig, Santa Maria, Bulacan
Contact: Ms. Francisca Gravador
Tel. No.: +63(916) 457-2205

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