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Bulacan Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Pascual Laboratories, Inc.
Bulacan Commercial and Industrial Association
Meycauayan Industrial Subdivision Association, Inc.
Cheil Jedang Philippines, Inc.
INDOPHIL Group of Companies, Inc.
United Pulp and Paper Company
Mind Dragon Consultancy Firm

Bulacan Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Bulacan's outstanding performance in economics and governance for the past five (5) years may be rooted in the participative approach espoused by the administration of the provincial government in its development programs. Businesses in the province are fortunate to have enjoyed a very business-friendly environment, which was among the policies instituted by one of the country's most admired local executives.
As our chamber aspires to bring ONE GLOBAL FILIPINO through public-private partnership, Bulacan may be credited to be an originator of fostering a very close working relationship between the government and the private sector. This, we believe is a winning formula to deliver a very competitive business environment, global integration of economies and value-added formation of industries. This, we believe is what will bring investments in and propel our industries back into working form.

Bulacan offers investors strategic location, rich natural and human resources, developed infrastructure facilities, availability of a wide range of skills for industries, a very supportive local government and an environment conducive to business growth. We are confident we have what business needs to grow. Come to Bulacan and see what we have to offer...Locate in Bulacan and enjoy the many opportunities exclusively enjoyed in Bulacan!

Felix R. Domigpe


Pascual Laboratories, Inc.
Balagtas, Bulacan

We are satisfied having a manufacturing facility in Balagtas, Bulacan. The people are generally well - educated, cooperative, peaceful, industrious and religious. They can carry out our corporate values of Excellence, Innovativeness, Teamwork, Social Responsibility and Moral Uprightness.

The support of the local government and various business establishments are commendable, as well. Moreover, there are many on-going improvements in Northern Luzon, which would be beneficial to our company too. The road widening and improvement of MacArthur Highway and North Luzon Expressway, upgrading of communication systems, the plan to re-established the railroad network, developments in Clark and Subic, and other project will surely have positive efforts in our business.

Engr. Guillermo Saret, Jr.

Plant General Manager

Bulacan Commercial and Industrial Association

The inspiring partnership between Bulacan Commercial and Industrial Association and the province of Bulacan has established a happy balance between winning business and responsible social environment. Our working relationship has been made more vibrant by the genuine warmth, positive outlook, the enthusiasm of the people distinctively that of Bulacan.

Mr. Joseph Lim


Meycauayan Industrial Subdivision Association, Inc.
Meycauayan City, Bulacan

In behalf of the members of MISAI based on the results of the survey, the members unanimously and solidly state that they chose Bulacan as the location of their business for the following reasons:

    Proximity to Metro Manila
    Accessibility to land transportation
    Friendly, industrious and peace loving community and workforce
    Very supportive local government

Above all, its Industrial Peace environment in Bulacan that entice most of our members to establish their business here.

Hopefully, we pray that this environment will continue to prevail and further improve for the best of the province of Bulacan.

Felixberto Lamiao


Cheil Jedang Philippines, Inc.
San Rafael, Bulacan

We considered Bulacan specifically because of its strategic location and market value. Its proximity to Metro Manila and nearby provinces makes it an ideal place where we can openly transport our end products and raw materials at the same time. The province is also very rich source of reliable, technically capable and efficient manpower. This allows us to become very competitive in providing and ensuring demands of our market. And, lastly the enduring support by the local government is truly remarkable and very encouraging.

Today, I can proudly say that CJ Philippines will not be where it is without the support of Bulacan government, its people and its resources. Because of this, we give our commitment to the Bulakenyos that will make your province part of our future accomplishments and triumph.

Byung Ha Lee


Indophil Group of Companies
Marilao, Bulacan

One of the major success factors of the Indophil is its strategic location at Bulacan and the Bulakenyos. The productive human resources in Bulacan who are friendly, hospitable and caring too, led the company into success. For a decade, there has been no job cuts, no job loss, no discrimination, no child labor and no pending labor disputes in Indophil which demonstrate the peace loving nature of the Bulakenyos and INDOHIL work culture

The relentless support of the Provincial Government extended to our community development project and other endeavors including their special attempts to address our infrastructure related issues are very much appreciated. It shows their commitment towards industrial growth of the country particularly of Bulacan.

V.K. Maloo


United Pulp and Paper Company
Calumpit, Bulacan

The United Pulp and Paper Company chose Bulacan for the following reasons:
1)   Proximity to the major source of raw materials
2)   Ease of transporting the raw materials
3)   Ease of transporting its finished goods
4)   Proximity to a big stream of water
5)   Availability of power supply
6)   Peaceful place
7)   Skilled labor is not difficult to source in Bulacan
8)   Willingness of the community and the local government to host an industrial facility

Mind Dragon Consultancy Firm
Malolos, Bulacan

Mind Dragon Consultancy Firm started December 2003 as a Home base transaction here in Bulacan for developing and Network operation.

The wife of Mr. Jefferson Nunn was originally from Bulacan. Since the family loves the place of Bulacan they choose and began to operate their business here. They hired Web Developer Employees, Web Designers and Network Engineers to help their business and to serve their client in U.S. All of the employees are Bulakeņos and some are in Pampanga. These employees are chosen to stay and work here in Bulacan than in Manila or Makati because they are more comfortable here.

Right now for almost 9 years in business we could say that Bulacan and Bulakeņos helped our company to become more successful here and in U.S.

Thank you and More Power!

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