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7-point Agenda
To cure disease and promote longevity, make available to the poorest of Bulakenyos the wonders of science and technology in healthcare and medicine.

Free every Bulakenyo from poverty and ignorance through equal access to education from pre-school to university - his key to success and progress.

Peace and Order
Enforce our laws without fear or favor to allow justice, truth, peace, unity and order to prevail in our Bulakenyo community.

Nature and Environment
Reforest the whole expanse of the Sierra Madre Mountain Range to the shores of Manila Bay, creating a shield from global warming and climate change.

Preserve the sanctity of Biak-na-Bato - stop destructive mining and quarry operations to protect thousands of lives and property.

Good Governance
Strive to provide informal settlers their own decent residences and shelter by fostering the Provincial Government's partnership with the private sector. A government failing to connect with the impoverished many will most likely fail to address the concerns of the affluent few.

Build more roads and bridges to unite neighboring communities and boost communication and commerce among the citizenry.

Enjoy bountiful harvests from the fertile fields, farmlands, marshes and waterways of our province while swaying to the comforting rhythms of busy factories that generate society's wealth.

History and Culture
Enjoin scholars, poets, artists, scientists and experts to savor our rich culture and history - replete with valor and heroism - and to immortalize the Bulakenyo heritage.

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