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Arts and Culture Programs

I. Serye Eksebisyon
    1. Description
    The Provincial Government of Bulacan gives grants to deserving artists/ art groups so they could mount an exhibit at the museum gallery. Six exhibitions are held every year under this program.

    2. Recipient of the Program
      Bulakeño artists/ art groups
    3. Requirements
      Artists' proposals
    4. Procedures
      Artists are encouraged to submit project proposals at PYSEACO for screening
      Opening Program
II. Dakilang Bulakenyo Exhibit
    1. Description
    A cultural showcase consisting of memorabilia exhibits and a cultural performance depicting the life and works of Bulakeño heroes and national artists

    2. Recipient of Program
    Students, tourists, and other viewing public

    3. Procedures
    An exhibit is set-up during Buwan ng Bulacan celebration every August 15 to September 15. The exhibit is open for public viewing but priority is given to high school students from remote places in Bulacan who participate in the Lakbay Aral.
III. Panday Sining sa Tag-Araw
    1. Description
    A province-wide summer arts workshop involving the visual arts and performing arts such as theatre, voice, dances, visual arts and band music

    2. Recipient of Program
    Participants include students, teachers, and out of school youth from the different municipalities of Bulacan

    3. Procedures
      - Interested applicants should register at PYSEACO
      - Attend workshop schedules
      - Recital/ Performance
      - Graduation


I. Skills Training
    1. Description
    Community-based training which aims to develop skills of youth to equip them with specific skills that would lead to self-employment or wage employment

    Courses Offered:
      » Gifts, Toys and Houseware
        - Stuffed Toys
        - Candle Making
        - Novelty Items
        - Soap Making
      » Foods
        - Food Preparation
        - Preservation
        - Processing
        - Baking
        - Food Catering Services
      » Electrical/Electronics
        - Basic Electronics
        - Practical Electricity
        - Domestic Appliance Repair

      » Motorcycle Mechanic

      » Basic Computer

      » Slippers and Bag Making

      » Small Engine Repair

      » Cosmetology

      » Cell phone Repair

      » Foot Spa

    2. Applicant/Recipient of Program
      - out of school youth
      - youth organizations and other organized groups composed of at least 25 members; 18-35 years old

    3. Requirements
      - Letter of Intent to the Governor

    4. Procedures
      Submission of Letter of Intent to the Governor for the conduct of training
      Conduct of briefing/ program orientation/ site inspection
      Preparation and submission of training proposal and enrollment forms
      Conduct of training
      Graduation/ awarding of certificates
      Trade test

II. Special Program for the Employment of Students (SPES)
    1. Description
    This program is intended to help poor but deserving students pursue their education by means of employment of not less than 20 working days during summer vacation.

    2. Applicant/Recipient of Program
      - Poor but deserving students
      - 15 - 25 years old; at least High School graduate

    3. Requirements
      - SPES Registration Form
      - Xerox copy of Birth Certificate
      - Certified true copy of Registration Card (last semester attended)
      - Class cards
      - BIR Tax Exemption Certificate
      - Official Receipt of Enrollment

    4. Procedures
      - Orientation
      - Submission of Application
      - Interview and Screening
      - Referral
      - Placement
III. Work Appreciation Program (WAP)
    1. Description
    WAP is an on-the-job training for college students which aims to develop the values of work appreciation and ethics by exposing them to actual situations.

    2. Recipient of Program
    Presently enrolled college students belonging to poor families with vacant period to be used for employment for the period of 3 months

    3. Requirements
      - Letter of Intent from the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE)
      - Referral from PESO
    4. Procedures
      - Submission of Letter of Intent to PESO
      - Screening of applicants
      - Referral
      - Placement
IV. Job Fair
    1. Description
    An employment strategy of bringing together employers and jobseekers in one venue for immediate hiring

    2. Recipient of Program
      - Jobseekers 18 - 35 years old
      - graduate or under-graduate
      - willing to work local and overseas
      - with or without experience
      - was able to attend in Pre-Employment Orientation Seminar conducted by PESO

    3. Requirements
      - Resume
      - 2 pieces 2 x 2 picture
      - Transcript of Records/ Diploma
      - Other credentials
      - PESO Certificate

    4. Procedures
      - Applicants must present their PEOS Certificate
      - Registration and filling-up of NMRS Form
      - Selection of desired positions among the job vacancies posted in the shopping area
      - Interview with the employer
V. Job Referral and Placement
    1. Description
    Job referral is a process of directing pre-screened jobseekers to employers with vacancies matching their qualifications while placement is the result of a successful referral.

    2. Recipient of Program
      - Walk-in jobseekers willing to work for local and overseas
      - 18 - 35 years old
    3. Requirements
      - Comprehensive Resume with 2 x 2 picture
      - Transcript of Records or Diploma
      - Certificate of Trainings Attended
      - Other pertinent documents that may be required by the employer
    4. Procedures
      - Submit resume together with the other documents
      - Register and fill-up NMRS Form
      - Counseling and matching of qualifications to desired position
      - Issuance of referral
VI. Career Guidance
    1. Description
    A seminar which aims to address the mismatch of educational qualifications and industry needs by guiding students in choosing their course.

    2. Recipient of Program
      Third year and Fourth Year High School Students both in public and private schools.
    3. Requirements

    4. Procedures
      - PESO Staff coordinate with the different schools for the schedule and preparation of the activity
      - Actual conduct of the activity
VII. Pre-Employment Orientation Seminar (PREOS)
    1. Description
    Orientation seminar for graduating college students and jobseekers to prepare them for employment process both for local and overseas

    2. Recipient of Program
      - 18 -35 years old
      - High School Graduate, College Level, Technical/Vocational Course Graduate, College Graduate
    3. Requirements

    4. Procedures
      - Information dissemination to jobseekers
      - Coordination with schools/colleges/ universities/ barangay leaders for the conduct of the activity
      - Applicants registration/ filling-up of NMRS Forms
      - Conduct of Seminar
      - Issuance of Certificate of Attendance
VIII. Passport Serbilis
    1. Description
    rocessing of documents of the applicants/jobseekers in the locality for immediate release of passports

    2. Recipient of the Program
    Bulakeños of all ages who are applicants of new passports/ renewal of passports

    3. Requirements
      Duly accomplished passport application form
      3 pieces passport size ID picture
      Authenticated Birth Certificate
      Authenticated Marriage Certificate (for married women only)
      At least 2 valid IDs
      Processing Fee of P750.00
    4. Procedures
      Completion of documents and submission to PYSEACO
      Pre-screening of documents
      Personal Appearance/ Verification
      Payment of Processing Fee
      Processing of Passport
      Releasing of Passport
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