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Legal Assistance

I. Provincial Legal Aide Program
    1. Description
    "Those who have less in life should have more in law" is a time old adage that is envisioned to promote social equity and justice to all people. It is a common sight in the present society having diversified or disparate economic levels that only those who are economically blessed are enjoying the advantage of expensive legal support while the economically disadvantaged groups are suffering from their oppressions by opting to remain in the misery of absolute silence because of the obvious inability to afford the high cost of litigation. Thence, to give justice to the marginalized sectors in the Province of Bulacan who are perpetually deprived of adequate legal assistance, the creation of a Legal Aide Program is hereby proposed to answer the need of destitute and penurious litigants for accessible legal representation and support. The services proposed to be offered by the Program include the Dispensation of legal advice, mediation, conciliation and intercession between the conflicting parties, drafting and preparation of complaints, information, pleading, motion and other vital court documents and communications. Filing of cases and representation in court in behalf of the beneficiary are likewise offered if it is found meritorious and legally feasible to do so, according to the sound discretion of the Provincial Legal Office in concurrence with the Provincial Governor. The program includes direct referrals by the Governor for the legal assistance which may involve active handling of the cases.

    2. Recipient of the Program/Service:
      Indigent constituents of the province of Bulacan

    3. Requirements
      Certificate of Indigency
      Case Study/Report
      Pertinent documents/papers relative to the case

    4. Procedures
    • Assessment and investigation of the financial condition of the possible recipient of the program is undertaken. A Provincial Social Welfare and Development Office (PSWDO) personnel is tasked to screen the possible recipient through initial assessment and interview.
    • The beneficiary is thereafter referred to the Provincial Legal Office (PLO) for further appropriate action.
    • The PLO and/or the Governor decide whether or not the possible recipient could avail of the services offered under the program.
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