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Provincial Assessor's and Treasury Office
  • Takes custody of, and exercises proper management and disposition of local government funds and all such funds entrusted to the office by law and other competent authority

  • Monitors and inspects private and industrial establishments in the province in relation to the implementation of tax ordinances, laws, rules and regulations

  • Develops, installs, and maintains tax information system of the province

  • Exercises technical supervision over all treasury offices of component cities and municipalities, and over all component city and municipal assessors

  • Establish, updates, and maintains a systematic method of real property identification, assessment, and accounting

  • Develops, installs, and maintains an efficient and effective system of; tax mapping; valuation and assessment standards and procedures for taxation purposes; and recording of all documents pertaining to real property assessment

Department Head
Ms. Belinda B. Bartolome

Contact Information
1st Floor, Provincial Capitol Building
Malolos City,
Tel. No: +63(44) 791-0225; 791-0185

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