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Provincial Public Affairs Office


     We are committed to pursue:

  • public awareness thru efficient and well managed public advocacy and information program
  • strong linkages among partner agencies and the public


     A pro-active organization promoting the good image of the province thru communication excellence.


    Department Head

  • Planning and improving the organizational and functional structure of the department
  • Identifying the department's mission and vision in relation to those of the PGB
  • Leading the department's and the PGB's communication planning effort to project and maintain a good image for the Governor and the PGB through an integrated communication plan
  • Implementing an integrated communication plan for the PGB which should include provisions for crisis communication and government relations
  • Managing and motivating government personnel in different communication jobs within the department
  • Dealing with professionals and personalities involved in external functions and projects of the Provincial Public Affairs Office
  • Serving as adviser and counsel to the Governor and PGB department heads on communication matters
  • Being an internal critic and chief communication officer of the PGB

    Internal Affairs Division

    The Internal Affairs Division is in charge of all PGB internal affairs functions requiring communication support:

  • Documenting and overseeing major PGB meetings such as those in support of the Monday Flag Ceremony, PGB-wide convocations and gatherings, meetings initiated by the Office of the Governor, awards and awards ceremonies.
  • Liaison with the various department heads and information officers to monitor developments and gather information on significant events or projects for use by the PIO in different public affairs projects, primarily in Bulacan.
  • Collaterals such as producing video production (Galing Bulacan TV Program), Plugs or Seasonal Message, Special Audio Visual Presentation and PGB programs over Radyo Bulacan to promote major PGB events.
  • Information dissemination in the course of Film Showing, Text Connect, Photo Gallery and Video Gallery.

    External Affairs Division

    The External Affairs Division is the PGB's communication liaison with its external public - including the press, civic, non-governmental organizations, the national government agencies, legislature and the general public. The External Affairs Division's functions include the following:

  • Serving the PGB's liaison with its external audiences including the press local government units under it, national government agencies, the legislature and the general public.
  • Coordination of publicity efforts anchored on an effective media relations programs.
  • Preparation of major releases and media feeds.
  • Production of publicity materials in coordination with the internal affairs.
  • Collaterals such as flyers, brochures, publications such as the provincewide newsletter of the PGB, and posters and streamers to promote major PGB events.
  • Media relations counsel to the Governor's Office.
  • Coordination of professional development activities for the Municipal Information Officers of Bulacan or the Information Officers of Bulacan (InfoBul).

    Special Projects Division

  • Bridges the relation between the community and the Provincial Government
  • Disseminates information through IEC and film showings
  • Writes, edits and arranges production of The Capitol Newsletter and scripts for the events/ programs of the PGB
  • Assists in the production of visual, audio and electronic material for the Sine Bulakenyo film showing
  • Monitors public opinion regarding the projects of PGB through surveys and social media strategy


  • Bulacan Ngayon - A semestral publication that informs the Bulakeños on various PGB activities, programs, projects, and accomplishments. 20 pages, 2 folds, letter size, colored print distributed to communities.

  • IEC Production - covers the production of IEC materials for Singkaban Fiesta and other programs and projects of the Provincial Government. IEC materials includes plugs for radio and television; posters, flyers, tarpaulins and brochures for print; and documentaries and plugs for audio visual production.

  • INFOTROOP - is the new version of designated IOs group. The name denotes readiness, activeness, teamwork and dedication in facing the highly challenging duties as Information Officers. As in soldiers, INFOTROOP is envisioned to be in the forefront of communication revolution, 100% supportive and ready to empower the citizenry through information. Its composed of Bulacan Capitol Information Officers (BCIOs), Information Officers of Bulacan (Infobul), and Campus/School Journalists.

  • Media Affairs - This includes programs which aimed at strengthening and fostering PIOs good relationship with the press; to improve the skills of media men in writing developmental news which will greatly benefit the programs of the province through good publicity; an opportunity for the national press to tour Bulacan and learn about its industries, local governance, tourism and other commendable things about the province. The activities under this are Media Training, Media Tour, Media Sportsfest and Fellowship.

  • Press Releases - This includes news and photo releases about Bulacan which are disseminated to Bulacan-based media practitioners both with national and local outlets. These releases are also posted on the official website of Bulacan (www.bulacan.gov.ph) and PGBs official Facebook page (https://m.facebook.com/PGBulacan?refid=13)

  • Talakayang Bulakenyo - A regular meet with the press to discuss issues or programs about the Provincial Government of Bulacan and the province.

  • Special Audio Visual Presentation (AVP) - The Provincial Public Affairs Office (PPAO) is responsible for the shooting and editing of Special AVPs intended for PGB use and promotions. AVP's help a particular program or activity to be more reinforced or remembered among its audience. AVPs make it possible for audience to digest information in smaller chunks thus making them fully aware of the message of the activity/program.
  • Text Connect - Current trend dictates that a new paradigm in communicating government projects to people through SMS or text messaging will become an efficient and powerful tool. This will monitor the public pulse with respect to government programs and issues concerning the people. A text message containing the details of a specific PGB project is send to random Bulakeños for them to avail or to join the said activity. It also serves as the listening function of the government to determine people's needs, problems, and priorities.

  • Galing Bulacan TV Program - Serves as the promotional video that aims to promote the province's own tourist attractions, products and programs among Bulakenyos with the tagline 'Hwag maging dayuhan sa iyong sariling bayan, tuklasin ang galing at ganda ng ating lalawigan'. It aspires as well to help the owners of enterprises or places and creators of native and innovative products to gain more market. The program consists of different segments - Bulacan in a Minute, feature-type segments and fillers. Sometimes, it includes the activities of non-government organizations that are news worthy.

  • Photo and Video Coverage/ Documentation - Documentation aims to record all events of PGB activities through photo and video files. Serves as an archive resources especially for AVP materials. Also used for news releases for TV, Radio and Print networks and Galing Bulacan TV Program aired on local cable network.

  • League of Cable Television Operators in Bulacan (LCTB) - PPAO is always on track to establish wide connections and efficient information to support the program of the Provincial Government. With the help of LCTB, a Non-Government Organization, the Galing Bulacan TV Program is now being shown in sixteen (16) cable networks in Bulacan.

  • Film Showing - Increased viewership and awareness about Galing Bulacan TV Program is cultivated to the target audience through film showing. It is one of the easiest ways to promote Galing Bulacan TV Program and to show Bulakeño and non-Bulakeño viewers the updates about the province.

  • PGB Programs Over Radyo Bulacan - PGB offices air radio programs over Radyo Bulacan 95.9 FM. Radyo Bulacan is a community radio used as vehicle in disseminating information and updates on issues concerning Bulacan thru air waves. On Mondays, Public Affairs Office airs its Balitang Kapitolyo sa Radyo, Provincial Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office and the Provincial Legal Office air its Bulacan Rescue and Puntong Legal respectively on Tuesdays. SP Files of the Sangguniang Panlalawigan and Youthspeak of the Provincial Youth, Sports, Employment, Arts, Culture and Tourism Office airs on Wednesdays while on Thursdays the Provincial Social Welfare and Development Office and Provincial Cooperative and Enterprise Development Office airs its Kalingang Bulakenyo and Usapang Coop at Business. On Fridays, the Provincial Public Health Office airs its Reseta ni Doc: Usapang Pangkalusugan, the Provincial Agricultures Office airs its Tayo'y Mag-AGRI and the Provincial Veterinary Office airs its Usapang Hayop and on Saturdays, the governor airs the Governor's Hour with Radyo Bulacan Station Manager Rommel Ramos. The programs and program slots were outcome of a survey done satisfying what the people wanted and needed.

  • Plugs or Seasonal Message - Plug is an alternative commercial for the PGB programs and activities aired on Cable Networks or Radyo Bulacan. Seasonal message is an inspirational message of the Provincial Governor of Bulacan. Moreover, the Governor can also state his future projects for the Bulacan populace.

  • Photo Gallery - It refers to the photos of activities and programs of the Provincial Government that are uploaded on Bulacan website (www.bulacan.gov.ph), Galing Bulacan TV Program Facebook Fan Page (www.facebook.com/galingbulacan) and Provincial Government of Bulacan Facebook fan page (www.facebook.com/PGBulacan) thus making the photos and their caption be accessible to Bulakeños and non- Bulakeños alike.

  • Video Gallery - Internet made information available in a quick and easy manner, publicly accessible and within easy reach. That is why the Provincial Public Affairs Office has launched the video gallery on social networking sites like Facebook (www.facebook.com/galingbulacan) and YouTube last February 2011. It aims to allow Bulakeños and non-Bulakeños alike to make the Galing Bulacan TV Program episodes reachable for those who do not have cable networks but are interested in watching the television program, therefore viewers can interact with PPAO production staff regarding improvements or ideas for future episodes.

  • Sine Bulakenyo Project - It is a public information campaign strategy to uplift the awareness of the Bulakenyos in the projects and programs of the Provincial Government led by Gov. Wilhelmino M. Sy-Alvarado. It aims to clearly convey the information to the people in grassroots through innovative, engaging and creative channels that would reach across age groups. At least twice a week, a team, created to deliver the Sine Bulakenyo Project, will go down to a barangay and encourage the people to participate in a 4-hour program.

  • The Capitol Newsletter - The official quarterly newsletter of capitol employees. 12 pages, 2 folds, letter size, colored print distributed to PGB employees with 1:1 ratio. The Capitol aims to continuously update the capitol employees about the arising issues that concern the PGB. Serves as a printed documentation that gives news or information of interest to capitol employees.

  • Scriptwriting- It is designed to create scripts for the master of ceremonies of the events and programs of the Provincial Government.


Maricel S. Cruz
Department Head

Peñafrancia Calderon-Chiapco
Head, External Affairs Division

Khristina Alexis Mendoza-Talavera
Head, Internal Affairs Division

Gladdy Emilia-Agbayani
Head, Special Projects Division

Mailing Address:
Provincial Public Affairs Office
2nd Floor, Provincial Capitol Building
Malolos City, Bulacan 3000 Philippines
Tel: +63(44) 791-8160
Email: ppao@bulacan.gov.ph
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