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Checklist of Requirements for the Application of Certificate of Eligibility for Bidders

I. Checklist of ELIGIBILITY Requirements

A. Class “A” Documents

Legal Documents

  1. Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) business name registration for sole proprietorship or Securities and Exchange Commission(SEC) Registration Certificate for partnerships or corporations or CDA for cooperatives
  2. Valid and current Mayor’s permit issued in the city or municipality where the principal place of business of the bidder is located

Technical Documents

  1. Statement of ongoing and similar completed government & private contracts, including contracts awarded but not yet started, if any, whether similar or not similar in nature and complexity to the contract to be bid, within the relevant period as provided in the bidding documents
  2. Valid Philippine Contractors Accreditation Board(PCAB) license and registration for the type and cost of the contract to be bid (for procurement of infrastructure project)

Financial Documents

  1. Audited financial statements showing, among others, the bidder’s total and current assets and liabilities, stamped by the BIR or its duly accredited and authorized institutions, for the preceding calendar year which should not be earlier than 2 years from the date of submission
  2. Computation of bidder’s Net Financial Contracting Capacity (NFCC) or a commitment from a universal or commercial bank to extend a credit line (CLC) in favor of the bidder is awarded the contract to be bid

B. Class “B” Documents

  1. Valid joint venture agreement (JVA) in case the joint venture is already in existence. In absence of a  JVA, a duly notarized statement from all the potential joint venture partners stating that they will enter into and abide by the provisions of the JVA in the instance that bid is successful shall be included in the bid.


  • PhilGEPS Registration Certificate
  • Copy of Original or Certified True Copy of Certificate of Product Registration(CPR) and License to Operate (LTO) (for procurement of Drugs and Medicines)
  • Copy of Community Tax Certificate(CTC)
  • Copy of the Original Receipt (OR) for the payment PGB-Procurement System Registration
  • Omnibus sworn statements
  • Tax clearance , Latest Income & Buss. Tax Returns


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