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  • Bulacan Province: Physical Profile: Existing Land Use

    Covering a land area of 96,547 hectares or close to 37% of the total land area of the province, are the agricultural lands almost covering the western half of Bulacan. Cultivation of lands starts from the northern most portion of the province specifically east of the municipal poblacion of San Miguel and down to the boundaries between the municipalities of San Jose del Monte and Sta. Maria.

    On the eastern part of the agricultural lands are the rainfed areas, which are also being used for palay production during rainy season. For the rest of the year these lands are either used for vegetable farming or for corn production and other high value crops.

    The other form of agricultural activity, which also takes up a relatively large amount of land, are the fishpond or aquaculture areas. Found on the south-western part of the province, fishpond areas take up about 6% of the entire province.

    On the eastern portion is a long band of idle lands that connect the northern and southern areas of the province. Covered mostly with grasses and shrubs, these lands have a total area of close to 60,000 hectares.

    Further eastward is also a long band of land but much wider than the grassland areas. This particular feature represents the forested part of the province. These areas are mostly covered with residual or secondary growth forests and comprise 28% of the province.

    The final land use category in the province is the water bodies, which include those that are traversed by river systems like in the Angat River. This represents about 1.4% of the total land area of Bulacan.

    Bulacan agricultural area consists of 94,001.24 hectares or 35.81% of the total land area while the grassland area consists of 59,325 hectares or 22.6% of the total land area. It's best use can be found in mixed farming, diversified crops, irrigated rice paddy and agro-forestry.

    On the other hand, forestland is composed of 74,287.50 hectares or 28.30% of the entire province. Built-up area consists of 14,647.50 hectares or 5.58% of the total land area. It is made up of residential, commercial, institutional, industrial and open space. Fishpond area is composed of 16,983.75 hectares or 6.47% of the province while the body of water consists of 3,255 hectares or 1.24% of the province.




     Agricultural Areas

     Fish Ponds

     Ancestral Land

     Built-up Area

     Mining Area