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Meycauayan is one of the oldest towns in the province of Bulacan and in the entire Philippines. The Franciscans established the town in 1578, a few years after the founding of the city of Manila. According to historical notes, the first missionaries to come to this town were Fathers Juan de Placencia and Diego de Oropesa. The "poblacion" was first established in Malhacan, earthquake, and the church including big houses collapsed. Because of this, the town proper was transferred to Lagulo. But Lagulo also did not last long as the town's poblacion. Aetas oftentimes visited the place; hence, the church was transferred in place full of bamboos (makawayan). From this place, the town's name derived. If not for this incident, the town would have been known as Malhacan or Lagulo. The transfer was made by Father Pedro Bautista, the priest who was held martyr in the country of Japan and was canonized into sainthood by the Papal seat in Rome.

Also, according to history, the town of Meycauayan, being a big place and the oldest in this part of Bulacan was alluded to as the prime town of the province of the same name. It was also proven by the book "Estado dela Provincia" printed in 1865 and written by Gregorio Magno, who described the town and its neighboring places as forested and wild, the people trekked to the vast expanse of the field and lands.

It was also during those times that Meycauayan was the center because besides its market, the headquarters of the Spaniards was established here. The then Meycauayan was composed of Polo and Obando, Marilao, Bocaue and San Jose del Monte. Corresponding to the changes of the primary towns, the name of the province was also changed from Meycauayan to Bulacan.

The neighboring town of Bocaue was founded in the year 1582, four or five years after the establishment of the town Meycauayan. It could also be gleaned from historical transitions before the Spaniards came, that the town of Meycauayan was progressive place, abundant and considered as a city.

It was in the year of 1623 when the town of Polo was detached from Meycauayan and followed by other towns, which now independently exist. (Polo was incorporated to the town of Valenzuela now a pat of Metro Manila). The last town to become independent from the town of Meycauayan was Marilao in 1913.

Because of the continuous progress of the town, a concrete bridge was built in 1791, which up to now exist as a historical document in Meycauayan's legacy.
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