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Pre-Spanish records revealed that, once, the town of Norzagaray was a remote wilderness. It was then called "Casay" a mere barrio of the town Angat.

During the Spanish occupation, the people of barrio Casay worked for reforms-politically, socially and economically in order to be separated from Angat. They succeeded in their attempts so that the Spanish Government, Through Governor-General Fernando de Norzagaray y Escudero (1857-1860), issued a proclamation declaring barrio Casay as a distinct town separated from Angat. Political boundaries were established and barrio Casay was called "Norzagaray". The name of the town was derived from the name of the Governor-General who declared the separation of the said barrio from the political unit of Angat.

Today, the town of Norzagaray is a fast rising commercial and economic place with some tourist potentials. One of the busiest spots in the locality, particularly during summertime, is called "Bakas". Bakas is situated or is a portion of the Angat River, which is noted for its big natural white stones along the riverbank, the green scenery surrounding it, the fresh air, and the cool and the calm flowing current. Metro Manila residents and others coming from distant towns oftentimes visit the place for relaxation.

Another potential spots for tourism is the area where the Angat River Hydroelectric Plant is located. This is the biggest hydroelectric plant the National Power Corporation (NPC) has ever constructed in the entire Philippines. The 37-kilometer reservoir of this hydroelectric plant is a wonder, covered with virgin forest-a nest for wild life. It has a cool climate. During nighttime, it is virtually a city situated in the wilds.

There is still other tourism potentials in this locality teat can be tapped. However, there are problems, which need immediate solutions. Some of this places are located in remote areas of the town and most are not accessible to motor vehicles.

The town of Norzagaray is rich in natural resources and endowed with natural beauty. Its people are religious, industrious and very hospitable just like any other people in neighboring town of Bulacan.

Given more time with its natural wealth, the town of Norzagaray will be the next "goldmine" in this part of the country. With its preserving people and enlightened leadership, Norzagaray is the town to watch.
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