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Paombong, a town of Bulacan with a population of 16,677 (Census 1960) lies Southeast of the province. It is bounded on the Feast by Malolos, the capital of Bulacan; on the North by Calumpit; on the West by Hagonoy, and the South by Manila Bay. The land is characterized by mixed sand and clay except the Southern part, which is low and swampy. The soil is rich and suited to agriculture. Rice fields from the North to West and fishponds abound in the area. Nipa swamps abound and are spreads from East to South, which are veritable sources of income of the people.

The land is irrigated by several rivers branching from the Pampanga River, which traverses the town of Paombong ending at Manila Bay. Among these branches are the Santa Cruz River, Malumot River, Sukat River, Bakawkaw River and Masukol River. All navigable, the rivers are busy arteries of commerce and trade in the transport of local products to places including Manila.

Due to the low elevation of the town, the climate varies from warm to pleasant days. Cool and invigorating nights generally prevail in the entire town, however.

This town was once marshy land covered with tall grasses, mangroves, and nipa palms. The latter has become the breadwinner of the towns such as Malolos, Hagonoy, Calumpit, Bigaa, Obando and even Manila.

There was a time that there were earthen jars to deposit nipa sap, the people used to long bamboo tubes or joints called a vernacular the "Bombong". Every place where a nipa hut stood, this "Bombong" containing nipa juice is seen. People from adjacent places who came to this town to barter their products with the tuba of nipa or vinegar, called this place Paombong or sitio of many Bombongs. This is the origin of the name of the town. Soon afterwards, a town arose from the swampy place. The area became a place too beautiful to live in. The people are contented and carefree as well as happy.

The founder christened the place Paombong which means so much to the inhabitants because from the "Bombong" came the wealth, happiness and prosperity of the people.
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