Notice of Award

Goods and services

# Project Reference No. Date Published Project Title Declaration of Winner
1 GOODS-020618-001 2018-02-13 Supply and Materials for the Repair of Various Roads in Bulacan Click Here
2 PEO-021318-069 2018-02-20 Materials for Various Miscellaneous Repairs of Fixed Facilities Click Here
3 GOODS-022018-006 2018-02-27 Purchase of various supplies and materials for distribution Click Here
4 GOODS-030618-009 2018-03-13 Purchase of various materials for ressettlement projects Click Here
5 GOODS-030718-020 2018-03-14 Purchase of various materials for repair and maintenance of pgb fixed properties Click Here
6 PEO-032718-133 2018-04-03 Purchase of 1 unit ct scan for BMC Click Here
7 PEO-041018-150 2018-04-17 Purchase of extracation equipment for PDRRMO Click Here
8 PEO-041718-165 2018-04-24 Purchase of laboratory supplies at RMMMH Click Here
9 GOODS-042618-040 2018-05-03 Purchase of sporting goods for distribution Click Here
10 GOODS-050818-044 2018-05-15 Purchase of gillnets with accessories for livelihood assistance to municipal fisherfolks Click Here
11 GOODS-061518-049 2018-06-22 Purchase of instructional equipment for distribution to secondary STE implementers Click Here
12 GOODS-062218-053 2018-06-29 Purchase of various materials for repair and maintenance Click Here
13 SVCS-070518-001 2018-07-12 Purchase of various it equipment for PGB use Click Here
14 GOODS-071718-064 2018-07-24 Purchase of various material aid Click Here
15 PEO-073118-202 2018-08-07 Purchase of various drugs and medicines for the use of BMC and various district hospitals Click Here
16 PEO-081718-204 2018-08-24 Purchase of various laboratory supplies Click Here